FAQ Ambilight Trial Promotion

1. For which TV’s is the Ambilight Trial Promotion valid?

TV’s at the participating retailers in Ireland are exclusively the following current Philips Ambilight models:

43PUS7855/12 58PUS8506/12

50PUS7855/12 65PUS8506/12
55PUS7855/12 70PUS8506/12
58PUS7855/12 75PUS8506/12
65PUS7855/12 43PUS8546/12
70PUS7855/12 50PUS8546/12
75PUS7855/12 58PUS8546/12
43PUS8535/12 65PUS8546/12
50PUS8535/12 70PUS8546/12
58PUS8535/12 43PUS8536/12
65PUS8535/12 50PUS8536/12
70PUS8535/12 58PUS8536/12
55PUS9435/12 65PUS8536/12
65PUS9435/12 75PUS8546/12
55OLED805/12 55OLED705/12
43PUS7956/12 65OLED705/12
50PUS7956/12 55OLED706/12
55PUS7956/12 65OLED706/12
65PUS7956/12 48OLED806/12
43PUS7906/12 55OLED806/12
50PUS7906/12 65OLED806/12
55PUS7906/12 55OLED856/12
65PUS7906/12 65OLED856/12
43PUS8556/12 55OLED936/12
50PUS8556/12 65OLED936/12
58PUS8556/12 65PML9636/12
65PUS8556/12 75PML9636/12
70PUS8556/12 75PML9506/12
43PUS8506/12 65PML9506/12

2. When is this Ambilight Trial promotion valid?

29th October – 31st December

3. I want to return my TV, what do I do?

You register the return of your Ambilight TV via the online registration form for the Ambilight Trial Promotion www.ambilight-trial-ireland-registration.com

You need to register your return within 30 days after buying the TV. After the registration you will receive an email with your registration details and a button to print the return form. This return form needs to be included when returning the TV to the store where you bought the TV. When the TV is received by the store, they will check if your return is valid (within 30 days, TV complete, undamaged and with original receipt). If approved, the store will refund you your money.

4. What should I do if I don’t have the email with the return form anymore?

The return form needs to be included when returning the TV to the store. If you have accidentally deleted the email that includes the return form, please contact our helpdesk for support.

5. I threw away the packaging, can I still return the TV?

The TV can only be returned in the original and complete packaging, with all accessories included.

6. How much time do I have to return the TV?

You have the right to return the TV within 30 days. Registration and return of your product through the online form needs to be done up to and including the 30th day from the date of purchase.

7. I have registered the TV via the online form, but I cannot plan a pickup immediately, can I still return the TV?

After you have registered the TV, the TV needs to be in the store within 14 days. This means that the pickup date must be set to a date within 14 days of the registration.

8. I damaged the TV by accident, can I still return the TV?

The TV can only be returned if it is undamaged.

9. I lost my receipt, can I still return the TV?

The TV can only be returned with (a copy of) the original receipt.

10. Can I change my Ambilight TV for another TV?

You can return the TV and choose another Ambilight TV or another brand. Please check with the retailer for specific details about return of money or other conditions. Per customer the maximum amount of returned TV’s is 2.

11. Can I return the TV to any store that sells Philips Ambilight TV’s?

No, you can only return the TV to the store where you bought it.