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OLED 805

4K UHD OLED Android TV

Immerse yourself in a sharp, polished picture with natural colours and rich contrast. This slim, elegant Philips 4K OLED TV brings lifelike depth and fluid motion to the content you love. Ambilight completes the picture beautifully.

Available in: 55″, 65″

The Philips OLED difference

Take OLED’s advantages, like deeper blacks and a wider viewing angle. Add the Philips P5 picture engine with AI, bringing deeper contrast, richer colours, beautifully smooth motion, and sharper details—even in shadows and highlights. Finish with the unique experience of Ambilight. Philips brings the best out of OLED.

Philips P5 Picture Engine with AI

A picture so real you could step right into it

Philips P5 Picture Engine uses AI processing to improve the source quality of the picture when required. Even when you’re watching old videos on YouTube, you’ll enjoy brilliant picture quality.

From the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows, a unique AI algorithm constantly enhances the picture where needed to bring you more depth and detail. Contrast is so crisp you’ll feel like you’re really there.

A deep learning AI algorithm recognises and processes colours in a manner similar to the human brain. Even in the brightest scenes, colours are rich and true, while skin tones look beautifully natural.

Thanks to the P5 AI engine, your Philips OLED TV processes motion more smoothly than ever before. You’ll catch every crucial moment, no matter how fast the play or extravagant the action.

Philips P5 AI processing intelligently enhances each pixel to make the most of your TV’s 4K resolution. Whatever you’re watching, you get a perfectly sharp picture where even the finest details are clearly visible.

The magic of


Every Philips OLED TV has something no other OLED TV has. A unique way of enriching the viewing experience, called Ambilight. Warm. Immersive. Magical. People tell us they love it so much, they never want to watch TV without it.

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Cinematic Dolby Vision

All Philips OLED TVs support content mastered in Dolby Vision. This dynamic HDR video format lets you enjoy a glorious picture that’s true to the director’s original intentions. Whether you’re streaming the movie on a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or watching on a Blu-ray disc.

See more with HDR10+

What is HDR10+? All Philips OLED TVs support content mastered in this dynamic HDR video format. You’ll see more of the details the content creators wanted you to see. Whether you’re streaming the latest series on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, or watching a Blu-Ray box set.

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